A few weeks ago, the States celebrated Mother’s Day.  Although Thailand has their own Mother’s Day, August 12, to celebrate the Queen’s birthday, I opted to celebrate the US version.  It started like any other Sunday: mass, playtime with Killi, nap time, lunch, etc.  Chris went out to run some errands and to “do” my Mother’s Day.  I assume Killian had this awesome idea and it was dad’s job to make it happen since Killian does not get an allowance yet.  After about an hour and a text message that says “dang it the place is closed!”  Chris comes back with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, probably the prettiest I have ever received, and an envelope.  I open the envelope to discover Killian has planned a dinner cruise down the Chaophraya River for his awesome parents.  (Who knew 22 month olds could be so thoughtful!?)

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We’re Off To The Zoo

We took a nice trip to the zoo with our friend Pam! She told me all about the zoo at our lunch date and I figured we love the zoo in Greenville so let’s go as our weekend adventure outing! Pam is wonderful, instead of taking a 45 minute taxi ride to the zoo (which is a huge pain with Killian, especially on the ride back because he is tired and in an awful mood) Pam picked us up at our building. Since she has a roomy SUV, we were able to use the car seat. Score one for the parents, this will keep him quite and contained instead of having to deal with Killian doing the alligator death role in the backseat! O how I miss the car seat and having our own car, although I don’t think I could handle driving here. Pam is a pro at it, she has had a few years experience now but still there is no way I could do it without hitting something!

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Wat Arun: Temple of the Dawn

There are so many interesting things to see in Bangkok, one of which are the many different temples. Last weekend we decided we would go see Wat Arun, the Temple of the Dawn. It took us over an hour to get there by using the BTS and a river boat. The river boat was a little scary because they crammed so many people on, it almost reminded me of the ferries you hear about in other countries that force so many people on they end up capsizing… Anyway back to the history lesson!

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