A few weeks ago, the States celebrated Mother’s Day.  Although Thailand has their own Mother’s Day, August 12, to celebrate the Queen’s birthday, I opted to celebrate the US version.  It started like any other Sunday: mass, playtime with Killi, nap time, lunch, etc.  Chris went out to run some errands and to “do” my Mother’s Day.  I assume Killian had this awesome idea and it was dad’s job to make it happen since Killian does not get an allowance yet.  After about an hour and a text message that says “dang it the place is closed!”  Chris comes back with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, probably the prettiest I have ever received, and an envelope.  I open the envelope to discover Killian has planned a dinner cruise down the Chaophraya River for his awesome parents.  (Who knew 22 month olds could be so thoughtful!?)

I would highly recommend this experience for any expat living in Bangkok or any tourist visiting.  We rode the BTS to the river and then took a boat taxi to the N3 stop.  Our dinner cruise was through Chaophraya Cruises on “The Grand Chaophraya Cruise.”  It is their biggest boat, which can hold up to 500 people.  We were assigned table 8 on the upper deck. As we board the boat and look for our table I am pleasantly surprised to see our table is a table for two in probably the best possible location on the upper deck.  The cruise began with a performance from traditional Thai dancers.  Shortly thereafter, the buffet was opened to guests.  The dinner part of our dinner cruise was mediocre.  They served a Thai buffet, a salad bar, sushi bar and desserts.  I decided there was no way that I was going to touch the sushi or the lunch meat on the salad bar when it has been sitting out in the Bangkok heat.  I did not want my night to end with a trip to the hospital…  Chris and I both agreed that Pai’s cooking is much better than what we had just eaten. (I survived the night because I had subway on the ride home around 10pm and it was delish!)  The band did a great job playing all American music but the best part of the cruise was seeing all of the temples, the Grand Palace and the bridge.

It was all so beautiful and my iPhone pictures do not do it justice.  Below are some pictures from our trip and a map of the river and the “sights” you can see along the way.   Enjoy!


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