Final Thoughts On France

1. The metro is the most convenient form of travel when trying to see all of the tourist sites in Paris.
2. Three weeks of baguette, cheese and pastries in the morning is enough to last me the rest of the year. (Notice I didn’t say wine!!)
3. My biggest complaint about France is all of the graffiti everywhere. It really takes away from the beauty of the cities in my opinion but I guess kids will be kids and vandalize and there probably isn’t much that can be done about that.

 4. Renting an apartment while visiting France in any town is so much better than staying at a hotel (for us anyway).
5. I hated driving in the French Riviera. Drivers there are so uptight and will honk their horns every two seconds for no reason. They are super aggressive and I would recommend not renting a car and driving. Avoid that stress like the plague and go wherever you want to go by train.
6. Nice is a great central location when visiting all of the different towns along the French Riviera.
7. If you are a nonsmoker expect to inhale cigarette smoke the entire trip; morning, noon and night. If you’re outside then people are smoking. The only people I didn’t see smoking were children, runners and bicyclists. This also makes sense as to why everyone seems to be thin or in normal shape. Either they run all the bread and wine off or they just skip eating and smoke instead.
8. Europe isn’t a budget friendly holiday just bare that in mind. Another reason why everyone is so thin, they probably can’t afford to eat…
9. Don’t be surprised when you are on the beach in the Riviera and you look around and see boobs. Seems going topless here is acceptable so if you want to let the girls out for some air go for it… or not… For the gents don your best banana hammock and you will fit right in!
10. France is beautiful but it’s always nice to be home and around smiling faces, thank goodness Bangkok is the land of smiles!


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