Adventures in Krabi: Island Hopping By Speedboat

On our last day in Krabi we scheduled our island hopping trip by speedboat.  We made this last adventure a family affair and Killi loved it.  We arrived at the first island, Top Island, and were given around 45 minutes to relax and enjoy the white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.  While the tide is out and there was a sand bar that many people were using to explore the other island next door, Chicken Island.  Our guide made it very clear that there wasn’t enough time to go there and come back before the tide came back in and one of the couples on our boat found that out the hard way causing us to be 20 minutes late to our next island.

Our next stop was snorkeling at Chicken Island.  Odie and Killian played on the boat while Chris and I were able to explore the area for about 45 minutes.  The waters were so clear and the schools of fish just swam around you.  Amazing how close they are to you, I almost felt like I could have caught one with my bare hands.  The same couple that made us late to our next stop were diving down trying to break off the coral, disgusting ignorant tourists!  Things like that make me so mad!  Why can’t people just appreciate the natural beauty that God gives us and not try and destroy it!?  (End Rant)

After our snorkeling we were taken to the other side of the island to a little shack where we had a lunch of green curry and fried chicken!  While enjoying our lunch a monkey came by to visit.  Funny how the locals aren’t getting within 10 feet of this thing but the same dumb tourists that made us late, tried to destroy the coral, are now walking up to this wild animal and trying to hand it food.  All of the locals start screaming get away from the monkey and they think it is funny and get closer and again everyone is saying please get away that is a wild animal not a pet!  I start to get really nervous because all I can think about is that poor women who had a pet chimpanzee rip her face off.  The tourists finally get the hint and walk away but now the monkey is feeling cocky and walks over and sits in front of their face and steals their plate of food.  I feel like this is about to be a beautiful vacation gone terribly wrong.  Finally, one of the boat captains grabs a pvc pipe and starts to bang it on the ground to scare the monkey away.  This is when it got a little to real, monkey is now pissed and is showing his huge set of fangs and is jumping/lunging at the guy with the pipe.  Not going to lie, I was straight up scared and holding on to Killian for dear life so he didn’t make a move that might upset this animal.  After all of that madness and the monkey retreated into the tree we headed for Poda Island.

Poda Island is beautiful but loaded full of people which means the beaches are loaded full of trash, so that’s a little bit of a letdown.  The waters are the brightest blue and the sand is blindly white.  Since Killian was being such an awesome toddler with no tantrums the entire day, we had a reward of ice cream on the beach and he loved it!  After some lounging on Poda Island, Killi was about at his meltdown point because he hasn’t had his nap yet so we tried the trick that I had read on a mommy blog about helping your kids to sleep at the beach and it really works!!

Travel Tip: Helping your Kids Sleep at the Beach

  • Take them in the water and wash all of the sand off of them.
  • After they are all clean, you take your beach towel, wrap them up like a baby burrito and walk with them along the beach for around 10 minutes so that they will pass out listening to the waves.

Naptime success, now we are off to the last stop of the day Phra Nang Beach, voted one of the top 10 beaches in the world.  Since we had visited this beach on our first day in Krabi, Chris and I were able to just play in the water, relax and take a little stroll on the beach.

It was a beautiful day of white sandy beaches.  I am so glad we took the speedboat island hopping tour, definitely a great day with the family!


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