Final Thoughts On Krabi

 Spicy Mango Margarita= best thing ever!  made with fresh local mango, imported tequila and Tabasco.  the heat doesn't hit you until after you take the drink! amazing! signature drink at crazy gringo downtown Ao Nang

Spicy Mango Margarita made with fresh local mango, imported tequila and Tabasco.

1. Ao Nang is a great place to stay if you are looking for something to do in the evenings, lots of bars and restaurants many with live music every night. Have dinner at Crazy Gringos and enjoy their signature spicy mango margarita, it is to die for!!!

2. Low season/rainy season is the time to go in my opinion! Still enough people visiting to make it feel like you aren’t alone but not so many as to where you can’t see the beach. In addition, while we were visiting in July, the rain only came twice and it was a short rain, similar to what you get when visiting Florida.

3. Skip the massage when visiting Ao Nang. The massage parlors are sketchy and the ones that we had were extremely unprofessional. You can get a cheaper massage and actually feel like you are in a spa when visiting Bangkok. During our massages, one masseuse asked Chris if he was married while I was sitting next to him, during another massage the lady was on her phone for a good majority of it and at each location all of the ladies are sitting there laughing and chatting it up very loudly so it’s almost impossible to relax.

4. Island hopping by speedboat and elephant trekking are a family must, your younger kids will love it! If you have teenagers, I would highly recommend the snorkeling with Kon-Tiki and kayaking Bor Thor!

5. From Bangkok, Krabi is a quick flight away and only costs around $120 USD by AirAsia-not bad at all!

IMG_0175.JPG (2)

6. Also if coming from Bangkok, get it in your head now that you aren’t paying Bangkok street cart prices but instead western prices since Ao Nang is highly touristy. It still isn’t as expensive as the west but more so than Bangkok.

7. There are many art galleries with talented artists, which you can hire to commission a painting. We had two paintings commissioned and bought one they had already done, all three cost around $275 USD- what a deal!

8. If you are looking for delicious, authentic Thai food and a beautiful view make reservations at The Hilltop for lunch or dinner. An added bonus, they provide a shuttle service to and from your hotel.

9. I highly recommend the night market in Krabi Town during the weekends as a family friendly outing! So much to see, do, eat and buy! You can hop a red tuktuk in Ao Nang for 800 baht and they will take you there, wait while you shop and bring you back. See my previous post for pictures!

10. Rent a scooter from your hotel for 200 baht for 24 hours and go and explore Ao Nang! You can really see what life is like for the locals if you go looking past the touristy facade and it is a real eye opener.

It was a great time had by all and we will be going back to Krabi!



  1. Love your fine adventures. Tell Chris to rub some carbon black on his head, the glare is wiping you out of the picture.

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