Why is change so painful?

Change: To make or become different

Why do you think change is so painful for us? Why do we hold on to the familiar and the comfortable? Do we resist change so that we can live a life of ease? Is it really easier to stay the same or doesn’t that take some work as well?

These are all questions that I would love someone to answer but even if they did I am not sure I or anyone else would listen and make the change needed. We could have someone talk to us until they’re blue in the face but in all reality, nothing they say or do will change the current trajectory we are on.  We have to want the change for ourselves. If there is no value for us, why change?

This past week, I have found change is painful and in the moment it would be easier to maintain the status quo. A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to change, to start a new adventure with my writing but more importantly I wanted to take control of my life, with God guiding me every step of the way. There are so many uncertainties and the negative voice whispering in my ear saying “you can’t do this”. It’s not easy to try something new and uncertain, it’s downright painful.  I kept thinking, how am I supposed to only be confident in one aspect of my life, my writing, when God is calling me (all of us really) to be confident in every aspect of our life?

This week I decided I would take one more baby step in making a change. I hired a personal trainer. You are probably thinking, how is this relevant in being confident in God’s plan for our life? Here is my answer and why I wanted to share this with you. I am going on 29 this year, I realize I still have my entire life ahead of me but I will only have a full life if I take care of myself. My body is a temple created by God and I am called to protect it.

From the female standpoint, I believe we are more confident about every aspect of our lives when we look good. It’s true and you know it is! You bought a new pair of heels that go perfectly with that cute little dress in the back of the closet. When you put on the outfit, you feel like a rock star, at that moment you look at yourself in the mirror and think “Wow! I look awesome!” That confidence in yourself and how you look is what God wants you to have. He wants you to see yourself as His perfect and beautiful creation.

In this first week working with my trainer, I have discovered change is painful. I have used muscles in my body that I had no idea even existed. As I sit here writing this post, I catch myself checking my posture and sucking the belly button into my spine to work the abs. This change will be gradual, painful, rewarding and will instill a confidence in me that I have never had before, one that will spread into all of the other areas of my life. This confidence is what God has always called me to have, the confidence he wants us all to have in ourselves. The confidence we need to take the next step in His plan for our lives.

Are you willing to make a change today? Pain is guaranteed but well worth the end result.



  1. Beautiful post! Change can be uncomfortable but without it life remains the same! I am so excited to be apart of your transformation and look forward to snapping that after photo 🙂 hope you have an incredible weekend! Lots of LOVE Courtney

  2. Good for u girlie….its not easy but feels awesome when ur body starts to shift…getting my butt out of bad now to head to my workout session.hugs

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