How’s This for Confidence!?


I am very serious about being confident in God’s perfect plan for my life. Most of the time, I feel like I am just holding on for dear life because it comes at me so quickly. I guess that’s just part of the fun of “enjoying the ride”.

I wanted to share with you my bold leaps out of my comfort zone into something totally new where I believe God is calling me. I am so excited about these different opportunities because I know I will learn so much that will lead to great career path prospects down the road.

A while back a friend told me she liked the blog. I thanked her and didn’t think much more about it. One day she said that her husband wanted to talk to me about writing for his company. I agreed to meet with him, since we are friends anyway the three of us met one day for a chat over lunch. Since October, for a couple of hours a day I have been writing the content for their travel company websites, which has basically been travel writing about Spain. Writing the content for his websites and blog for his other website has really allowed me to practice and become more confident in my writing, although I didn’t realize it at the time but God had a plan. I thought I would just do this so my brain wouldn’t turn to mush.

When I arrived in Bangkok, I joined a group called BAMBI. I saw they needed a volunteer assistant editor. I met with the editor and joined in my first month in Bangkok. Again I just needed something to keep my brain working since I would be at home with my son all day. I have learned so much during the year from this volunteer position and now the editors are stepping down from their position. I was asked if I would consider taking over as main editor of the magazine. In my attempts to be confident in God’s plan, I agreed. The fact that one of the editors will still be here in Bangkok for me to bother all of the time with questions during this transition period made this decision easier. I am so grateful for my two editors in BAMBI, they have taught me so much and I hope to make them proud with where I take the magazine.

Last week, I had a gentleman approach me about writing for his company and proposed a real part-time job in an office here in Bangkok. To which I turned down, it would have been a great opportunity but that was not the direction I was wanting to take with my future career path. When I explained to him about my desire to do more freelance writing that would be published, he understood and said that his clients are going to need someone to write for their blog and would like to talk with me more about working together.

This week I met with the Editor and Features Editor of Expat Ladies of Bangkok Magazine to discuss freelance writing for their new magazine Expat Kids. “Be bold Becky” is what I was telling myself. We actually had a great chat about our lives here in Bangkok and didn’t actually get around the business part until the very end but I offered to do a piece about traveling with kids around South East Asia. The editor welcomed me on board as a contributor. That afternoon, I sent in my two pitch ideas. She loved both of them and I was feeling awesome! Nothing could have topped that until I received an email yesterday from the editor asking me to become the Features Editor of the Expat Kids Magazine. Say wha?! Of course, I said yes. This new role will not be overwhelming or asking too much of my time since there will only be three issues produced this year. I figure it’s always better to write or work on something of value instead of watching TV. This experience will be invaluable in all that I will learn, from the entire team, about the magazine process from an editor’s point of view.

Now to top that all off, I have just signed up to take a freelance writing course to pursue my writing career even further. If God is pointing me down this path then I need to educate myself as much as possible and not expect it all too simply fall in my lap.  We will not get anywhere being passive, we have to actively work towards His plan together! Remember your life and destiny are a team effort.

Be confident. Go do something out of your comfort zone today!



  1. don’t forget to offer your photography skills. photo journalism is more fun and a dying art in my opinion. go confidently!

  2. I am proud of you for taking that step. I noticed for some time that your writing skills are excellant and written in a flowing interesting manner. I find myself scanning your blog as fast as possible to soak it in quickly. I am excited to find what comes next. Not everyone has that talent. Your progress along the pathway is sound and one step leads you to the next progressively. It is really quite impressive. Keep up the good work and love you all. John

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