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Hello followers!

I have created a page on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest that I would like to share with you. This is for an online magazine/non-profit organization that I have in the works with the help of Killi’s doctor. We saw a need for an easy to understand, online resource center and forum specifically focusing on human/childhood development and parenting; for parents, teachers, therapists, and really anyone who works with children in one way or another.

I know all of us, who have something to do with children of any age, need a place where we can find reliable and backed by research information on all topics relating to human/childhood development, not only delays but all aspects. As a parent, I for one am sick of googling answers and finding “an answer” on a forum that isn’t helpful at all and only makes me more worried!

I hope you will “like”, “follow” and “share” SEEK Magazine Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook pages with your friends and family!

My dream is to have this project become an international forum, which will hopefully produce many sponsors so we can give back to the children and research organizations, who are in need! Thanks for your support!

If you are interested in contributing to the content for the website, which is currently under construction, please shoot me a message!





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  1. How exciting!!! I am asking your help on a different level – I was just in touch with one of my cousins in Bangkok. He is a single dad and needs some help. He has asked me for money, which is a very hard thing for a lot of the Thai. Obviously, Google Translate is failing me – he asked for money to “buy milk and a dragon.” What’s the best way for me to wire him money? Any ideas? What about amounts? How much are your honest living expenses. I know what I spent traveling, but I was not raising two children and living on my own either. Feel free to email me at I’ve loved following your adventures! Thanks for your help!

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