Bangkok Girl Blog-Bangkok Voices: Volunteering in Bangkok

seek logoRecently, I had the opportunity to do a guest post on my friends very popular website Bangkok Girl Blog to bring attention to SEEK Magazine. 

I am so grateful for my friends around the world, who are so supportive of this venture and who continually send me the encouragement that I need to not get discourage and to just keep going. It will take sometime to get it off the ground but I believe that God has a plan for this!

Click here for the post. Share you thoughts in her comment section so we can show her some support to her blog as well!

God bless!

SEEKing the next big adventure before the big 3-0!


I didn’t picture Bangkok for my life or that of my little family. I was hesitant about Bangkok at first but couldn’t imagine my life without it at this point.

Bangkok allows for many new adventures, experiences and opportunities. There will always be new cultural and travel adventures and making new expat friends from around the world but the biggest adventure has been the chance to try something new with my career path (and not worry about losing the house).

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SEEK Magazine



Hello followers!

I have created a page on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest that I would like to share with you. This is for an online magazine/non-profit organization that I have in the works with the help of Killi’s doctor. We saw a need for an easy to understand, online resource center and forum specifically focusing on human/childhood development and parenting; for parents, teachers, therapists, and really anyone who works with children in one way or another.

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