Revamping the blog!

Hello family, friends and followers from the Big Mango!

As you can see, the blog has been revamped! The website link has changed to and it has been reformatted in the hopes you can find information more easily with the pages along the top.

Since my boy is in school and therapy full time, I am trying to get back to my writing and blogging. I am so fortunate to be involved in several wonderful publications in Bangkok but in order to branch out into other markets I would also like to grow my website to showcase my work in a portfolio fashion.

My thought is to keep blogging to strengthen my writing skills but at the same time I want to know what you would like to read about. When you live so far away from home for over a year and a half everything that was once exotic and new seems old hat. I would love to hear your thoughts or topics we could discuss more openly on here; be it parenting, autism, life as an expat, Bangkok, anything your heart desires!

I look forward to hearing from you!


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