Bangkok to Momma’s

I am so thankful for the internet and apple radio. I love to listen to the top 50 country station. When we moved from the States, I thought I would miss the music from back home but luckily I get to stay up with the latest.

I enjoy all genres of music but sometimes there is a song that tugs on my heart. Music has a way of helping us to relive memories from our past or take us back to a scene in a distant memory we can barely remember. I believe, this is one of the best things music does for us really; helps us to remember.

The big city is so busy and sometimes I just wish I could slow down and take a deep breath of fresh air. I think that is why I switched to country music years ago. I love rock & roll and I love punk but there was a point when I just needed to slow down. Country helps me to remember where I come from and where I ultimately want to raise my son. There is a new Tim McGraw song called “back at mama’s” and when it comes on it makes my heart sing.

I am a week away from going home to visit. It’s been so long since I was in the country; in a place of smiling faces, a place that’s familiar, a place of fresh air and green grass that I can run around barefoot with my son and my dogs. Home; you never realize how much you miss it until you are on the cusp of being back there for just a very short time.

Tim sings about how he is “from a place where the horses run and when the day is done they take it easy.” I think this is something I miss most; taking it easy. You can’t really take it easy in Bangkok, not that I am complaining; I love this hectic city life but maybe for only a couple more years. I want to sit on my momma’s back porch after dinner, rocking back and forth on the porch swing, sipping a firefly vodka lemonade, listening to the crickets sing their evening song, watching the deer walk though the yard as the sun sets and just as night settles I will see the fireflies dancing in the woods like the twinkling reflection of the night sky on the ocean. That’s what I want my son to experience, enjoy, and remember.

I will always love Bangkok for what it has provided for our family but I can’t wait to be home to share every, old to us but new to our toddler, experience with my family.

After a few days of the country, I will probably be begging for a traffic jam and a motorbike knocking me over as I make my way down the sidewalk but maybe this time at home will allow me to slow down, unplug, and “take it easy.”

Meanwhile back at momma’s….


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