Does mom know best?


I like to think that I know best when it comes to my kids. I know what the cries mean, I know what the faces mean, I know when they are tired, hungry, need to pee, etc. I had this plan to “help my child” acclimate to our new environment because I thought I “knew” that was best. I had planned to start working the beginning of February and would take the month of January to get established, play school, and do “mom” stuff; not that I knew what that was really…

We tried doing “school time” at home. That quickly ended. I am not a teacher; I don’t pretend to have the patience of a teacher. I believe teachers (the good ones anyway) should be in the running for sainthood simply because they do not strangle our children by 3pm. I mean I can barely handle the one and they deal with 20 at the same time? There would not be enough wine in the world to peel me from the rafters after a day with 20 kids. Heck come 5pm, I am cracking open the bottle. I miss Odie asking me “is it 5 already?” I think of her every time it’s time for wine simply because she was one of those people that had the ability to be so kind and patient to kids no matter what… again another candidate for sainthood.

I digress, my son quickly informed me that I “was not school.” That is when I knew I had to get him to preschool and he needed friends. On top of the fact that he would ask to go play at Chick-fil-a on a daily basis and that was not an option. I started calling all around town asking for a spot for both kids to attend daycare/preschool and thankfully there was one location that did not have a waiting list a mile long.

This morning was our first day of preschool. He was pumped! We arrive to the school, get both kids out of the car and as we are waiting for someone to unlock the door he looks at me and says “Bye mom!” “Whoa wait a minute boy! I plan on walking you in and saying goodbye.” He says “well I am just saying goodbye because I am going to school and you are going to work.” This put my heart at ease knowing he was so ready and happy. With his Star Wars lunchbox he headed off and I was able to walk away in peace. Dropping off Mia was another story… I about lost it but that’s a story for another day.

Sometimes we think we know best. We make a plan and we KNOW that is how it will go. Other times we are humbled by circumstances that show us we aren’t in control and that we need to roll with it and more times than not it all works out. God always has a plan.


Are Southerners losing their charm?

I had left a place which claims “Smiling faces. Beautiful places.” to go to the “Land of Smiles.” Thailand lived up to their name but upon returning to the south I have found people aren’t as friendly as I remember. At the same time I am not sure if this lack of friendliness and helpfulness is a southern problem or a societal problem.

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SEEKing the next big adventure before the big 3-0!


I didn’t picture Bangkok for my life or that of my little family. I was hesitant about Bangkok at first but couldn’t imagine my life without it at this point.

Bangkok allows for many new adventures, experiences and opportunities. There will always be new cultural and travel adventures and making new expat friends from around the world but the biggest adventure has been the chance to try something new with my career path (and not worry about losing the house).

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“No! I wanna talk!”


If you had asked me a year ago, I would have told you all I want in this world is for my son to talk. I prayed for a miracle. I prayed for the right people to help Killi. I prayed for just the slightest sign that my son would acknowledge me; maybe just a smile or a glance and maybe, just maybe we could maintain eye contact…

I shared with you recently that my son has progressed so quickly, like none of us would have imagined, in his therapy. He is a sponge soaking up every little thing and every word we say.

He has also decided he is his own man now. He makes the rules. He is the creator of his own destiny!

Who knew you could think that way at 3 years old but apparently you can. This new sense of self-awareness has manifested itself in two ways, which are extremely frustrating for me but at the same time I want to say “great job for being your own person!”  (Funny how it can be so conflicting…)

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Guest Post On Bangkok Girl Blog

killi 1

My friend Anna is a very talented and well known writer in Bangkok. She has been a great support to me as I try to establish my writing career in Bangkok; I am forever grateful for her kindness and mentoring.

Anna writers her own blog called Bangkok Girl Blog. It covers everything that has to do with Bangkok making it an amazing resource and always fun to read!

She asked me recently to share my story of being an expat mommy in Bangkok on her website. She has a section called Bangkok Voices and I was honored she asked me to guest post for her. As many of you know, our story is a long one but I tried to sum it up nicely for her.

Click here for my guest blog post. I hope you enjoy it and Anna’s website.

Thanks again Anna for letting my share our story with your readers!

Bangkok to Momma’s

I am so thankful for the internet and apple radio. I love to listen to the top 50 country station. When we moved from the States, I thought I would miss the music from back home but luckily I get to stay up with the latest.

I enjoy all genres of music but sometimes there is a song that tugs on my heart. Music has a way of helping us to relive memories from our past or take us back to a scene in a distant memory we can barely remember. I believe, this is one of the best things music does for us really; helps us to remember.

The big city is so busy and sometimes I just wish I could slow down and take a deep breath of fresh air. I think that is why I switched to country music years ago. I love rock & roll and I love punk but there was a point when I just needed to slow down. Country helps me to remember where I come from and where I ultimately want to raise my son. There is a new Tim McGraw song called “back at mama’s” and when it comes on it makes my heart sing.

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When Daddy’s Away…


You know the old saying “When the cats away, the mice will play!”

That is the best part about my husband going away for work. We miss him terribly but sometimes Killi and I will go eat ice cream just because and not care if it spoils dinner and there’s no guilt because it only happens when daddy is away, which hardly ever happens. This time hasn’t been as much fun, there has been no ice cream, there has only been crying and no sleep the entire week for mommy and Killi.

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Secret Agent 00-potato

In trying to keep with the lifestyle change of eating more healthy, I realized my son needs to make some changes as well. There was a time when my boy would eat anything. When we moved to Thailand, he was a hot-dog and chicken nugget kid and I chalked it up to the trauma of the move and he needed to feel like he had some control. It took a long time but he is off the hot-dog and chicken nugget diet. He will eat fruit, grilled chicken and pork, and a few veggies such as corn and peas. Lately I see he is becoming bored with his meals but at the same time as I introduce new things he has a total meltdown. I have read the articles which suggest to not become a short order cook or “they won’t starve if they miss a meal” but this type of thinking stresses me out. What if he isn’t getting what he needs to grow? I see he is obviously not starving to death but you could say the same for someone who is obese; the question is are they healthy?

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Parenting is just one big game of dodge ball


I knew having a special kid would change my life and my perception of what “parenting” was all about. I know we all have our moments with our children; good and bad. Although, sometimes I feel as if I am a women stranded on a deserted island making smoke signals and screaming for help. Similar to Tom Hanks in Castaway but instead of having Wilson (who mind you doesn’t speak) I have a toddler screaming at me in frustration because he is trying so hard to communicate but simply can’t get the words out.

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