My future's so bright I gotta wear shades!

My future’s so bright I gotta wear shades!

Chris and I just received an email from Killian’s doctor, Ali. This email wasn’t just any email to tell us that Killi is doing good or that we need to work on things to help him do better. This email is so special because of all of the hard work our son, his doctor, his teachers, Odie, and Chris and I have put in for the past year is all worth it.

God has given us a great gift of the right people being put in  our lives at the perfect moment to help our son.

God has provided for our every need. We can’t thank HIM enough for this blessing. 


Hi Becky and Chris,

I had a wonderful but rather strange day with Killi.

Maria and Lisa were both out today, so basically Nudee and I handled all the kids all day, busy as heck. I knew I had to do Killi alone no help from Maria, so I was getting ready…

When killi arrived I was talking to a mother in the yard, Killi came in, gave me a big smile, then we did our Hi five… side, low… too slow… routine, he loves it. A flower was blown pass him which he noticed and said “a flower”……, the big boys were flying paper airplanes….he said “a airplane”, then they asked him if he wanted to play, “Yes”, he answered they showed him how to do it, he looked, paid close attention, tried, learned, and enjoyed… bratty stuff….

The mother, whom was amazed by this…..sighed and said, “sometimes I wish my kid was normal, just like yours! She thought Killi was mine……-By the way her kid is normal, it just doesn’t look that way right now. I replied he is not my son but my student, her jaw dropped!

I know that Killi’s one-year anniversary has passed, and today is no occasion for anything but it is just felt especially meaningful for me.

A year ago, he was diagnosed with what all experts equate with a life long debilitating disorder. He was uninterested and uninteresting, difficult, stubborn, bratty, no words, no social interests or skills…… Remember my horrifying lecture about the neurons not making enough connections and the social brain not being turned on by regular environment, yada, yada, yada?

Well today, from the moment he entered to the moment he left-and throughout Shaun-the -sheep peeing session- I could see nothing but high-wired neurons making connections so fast it was sparkling all around my room…. That social brain is turned on baby, and nothing’s stopping it.

The whole 4-hour therapy session was like the little snippet above…jam-packed with stuff, good stuff non-stop!

I dare to say now, “we did it guys!….its downhill from here,….sit tight and enjoy the ride!”




    • How could he not succeed with parents like you two and the special folks at Reid, not to mention grandparents like us! Take joy in your accomplishments – you know where the thanks belong. Love you forever.


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