Bangkok’s Art in Paradise: 3D Museum

DSC_0491In February 2014, Bangkok’s first 3D art museum opened its doors to the public. This type of art is very new to my family; we had never seen anything like it before. At some point last year,(probably for this museum’s opening but since everything is normally written in Thai I had no clue what it was about) there was art like this on the BTS Skywalk at the Chitlom station. We saw artists at work and they had magnificent paintings of dinosaurs, whales, and even the Silver Surfer to name a few. The next weekend we went to see the finished product and people were standing on the paintings! I understood that it was a 3D painting you could take a photo of when you stood in the designated spot but I just about lost it when I saw people walking all over these masterpieces but come to find out that’s the point of this type of art…. Who knew?

Art in Paradise has branches in Chiang Mai and Pattaya and due to the overwhelming popularity; they brought this interactive illusion museum concept to Bangkok. In a culture, where everyone lives on their smart phones, loves photos and social media it’s a perfect fit. Fifteen artists took two and half months to create this beautiful space, which is two stories comprised of six different zones, encompassing 2,500 square meters with 150 paintings for you to enjoy.

This is a fantastic family activity if your children can actually pose for photos. My son is pretty fast and doesn’t really sit still for a photo op and at one point towards the end he looked at me and said “no more photos mom!” Although, he is extremely stubborn I would recommend this to any parent living or visiting Bangkok and for 300 baht per adult, it was an inexpensive outing full of fun and spectacular art work.

The museum is located off the MRT line at the Thailand Cultural Center- Exit 3 located inside the Esplanade Mall on the 4th floor.  For more information check out their website




  1. So cool!

    I remember seeing a picture of our grandchildren posing on a waterboard with a picture of the waves in the background. It could have been somewhere in Florida? Not really sure, but having a place where one could pose with various backgrounds, it is so cool.

    Now for the story I was going to tell you about the “smell” of a City one can never forget. Much the same as your description of the smells in Bangkok, is the City of Calcutta, and you really brought back a lot of memories!


    I’m working for the YMCA in Pennsylvania. I am now about 45 years old having left Calcutta at the age of 13 1/2.

    I walk into the building one Monday morning to report for work, walk through the Lobby, go towards the rear of the building to take the elevator to the first floor, walk back towards the front of the building, make a right turn and again pass a couple of offices before entering my office and closing the door – quickly! Whoa! Relief! I had smelled the “smell of death!” I was so certain, I couldn’t have imagined what had died.

    Shortly thereafter, one of the men who worked in the same office as myself and who was in charge of collecting rent from our residents arrived, followed by the Assistant to my boss.

    I was doing some filing and these two guys were laughing and talking, remarking about the odor coming from the hallway. I immediately turned around and said “you need to go upstairs to the Residents Quarters (which was at the rear of the building) and make sure everything is okay. I smell death! They both laughed hilariously and I said “okay, don’t worry about it – all I can say is I smell death, which reminds me of India.”

    They must have thought I was pulling their legs but then listened half believing what I was saying, and the guy in charge of the residents decided to do some checking, laughing at me on the way out the door. Soon after he returned and said “Oh my gosh, you were right! One of the residents had died and Rigor mortis had already set it. He discovered the man had paid his rent on Thursday and was not seen again till that fateful morning! He was thankful he had listened to me!

    I just guess that smell never leaves you if you happen to be in an area where it exists!!

    • terry- that is insane!!! but you are right the nose knows and smell is so closely attached to our memories it really is amazing! thanks for sharing that wild story!! it’s all about the world travels isn’t 🙂

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