Two down… one to go.

new years in bangkok!

We arrived in Bangkok January 4, 2013 and now it’s January 4, 2015. This has been the fastest two years of my life.

Bangkok is non-stop. The city pulsates, the heartbeat, which will never stop no matter what comes its way be it natural disasters or political turmoil. The hustle and bustle, the constant white noise that is “the city” is one that is always in the background and although sometimes I long for quiet or just to hear a cricket chirp I think for a second what it would be like to not hear the non-stop noise from the city below my 18th story window. I keep saying that if I woke up tomorrow and never heard another whistle being blown EVER again, I would be in paradise but let’s be for real; this noise is engrained into my subconscious and I hear whistles even when it’s silent.

The smell here is disgusting. It’s one that on certain days, when it’s hot enough and the breeze hits the khlong just right you might gag but I know I am fully acclimated to Bangkok’s stench when I would rather smell the khlong then walk by a durian cart.

My eyes hurt, the constant bombardment of flashing television screen billboards advertising the newest thing we must all have but this happens in such rapid succession sometimes I am not sure my brain can even fully understand what it has just seen. The flashy tricked out tuk-tuks with their extra loud and extra big speakers playing the same Thai pop song over and over or the rainbow assortment of taxis cruising the streets remind me of the life force or the blood that pumps through the heart to keep the body going, just as this force keeps Bangkok “going.”

It wouldn’t be Bangkok without all of these different elements. The constant harassment of my senses has aged me beyond years; my head is full of white hair now but that’s also genetics. The pollution that hovers over the city hurts my skin and my throat but then on a cool December morning you will have a clear day that you can see for miles and this is when Bangkok reminds you how wonderful she truly can be.

There is something completely magnetic about this city. All I want to do is get out of here if for only a weekend when the pollution and noise are simply too much for me to handle. As soon as I am gone all I want is to be back again. This loud, messy, stinky, vibrant city is home now and it will be home for one more year.

Two years has come and gone. Many amazing opportunities have come our way and we look forward to the adventures that await us in 2015. You will be seeing posts on the blog of our travel adventures that will happen this year with trips to Indonesia, Vietnam, China, and more of Thailand. One of my New Year resolutions was to blog once a week for this site. I haven’t been documenting like I should because I was so focused on my non-profit but this is a journal for my son of his adventures in Asia so I will get back to it in 2015.

Follow for more photos and adventures of our expat life. Thank you for all of the love and support you have sent to us during the last two years. Keep us in your prayers and we hope to see you soon!



  1. Becky, I just cannot believe that your time in Bangkok will soon be coming to an end. You actually bring me ‘home’ to Calcutta when you talk about the hustle and bustle, the noise factor, the stench, etc. that is aside from the richness and beauty which once was Calcutta as I remember, not knowing what it’s like today. I will have to e-mail you about the’ stench’ which even when you’re not physically present in that country will be engrained in your brain! More about that in my e-mail. You will be happy to come home to your family and friends but I know you will definitely miss ‘the luxury’ of being waited on. I remember as a teen leaving India for good how I missed my dear servants who were part of our family. However, going to England made me very independent (very difficult to adjust to at first) so much so when I visited India for a few short weeks after being away about 5 years, I may have offended my maid servant (a dear woman in her 60s) who caught me ironing my clothes. I apologized to her later after my Dad counseled me to do so, as she had told me that this was ‘her job.’ I told her when I visit India again I would let her iron my clothes but that was not to be as she passed away in Blessed Mother Teresa’s Home for the Dying the following year. I thought you, Chris and Killi were going to be away for 5 years! Don’t ask me why I thought that. Hopefully, you will be able to go to India before you return Stateside. I know that our dear Christian Brothers in Calcutta, Delhi, and Goa would be only too pleased to give you some guidance. Just let me know if you plan a trip there. One of the Brothers from the very remote part in the NE jungle area is now studying for the Priesthood and will be ordained in December this year. Oh! If only we could be there but with my health issues, India is on the back burner. These Brothers remember my Dad who almost became a Christian Brother but the Will of God moved him to another path. That’s why I’m able to communicate with you now! Ha! Ha! Will be happy to see you upon your return Stateside. Hoping you will return to St. Mary’s and to the Culture of Life Ministry. Enjoy this year and may it bring you all Good Health and Happiness. God Bless. Teresa

    • terry- our maid is a blessing to our lives but by design i still play a very active role in the house duties… didn’t want to have such a massive shock to the system when i got back and i enjoy taking care of my boys… but i’m not going to lie i thank God everyday that she does the laundry! i am awful at ironing 🙂 look forward to seeing you soon terry! 🙂

  2. I couldn’t stop laughing at this post! Reading your blogs now are so different for me lol! Can’t wait to have you back in less than a year! Much love, BF

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