What a difference a year makes


I see parents on Facebook post pictures of their kids using their Timehop app and it’s always fun to see what a difference a year makes and how much they have changed. Today I was in amazement at what came up on my Timehop. For those who aren’t aware Timehop is an app for your smart phone or iPad that will show you whatever you posted on that day 1, 2 or 9 years ago depending on how long you have had social media.

I forget a lot, that’s why I write it down in this blog. Living a life with a toddler most days just seem a blur. It goes by so quickly for me and to think back to what my son was doing a year ago is quite difficult. I know we were starting preschool to give it a trial run. I remember that was extremely scary and hard for me as the mom. Hoping he would be able to cope and that we wouldn’t get the call from the school “please come pick up your child.” Praying that his social delays would improve by being around other kids but at the same time he wasn’t so misbehaved in the classroom by not knowing how to act in that type of setting. I remember the first day was easy, he saw Ali that morning and as I was saying goodbye he followed Ali and the teacher upstairs. Soon after that the drop offs became harder and harder but then one day everything seemed to click for Killi.

Around the time of the school Christmas program in 2014, he was a different kid. I only had the previous school performances as a measure for how much he had changed. Since he started school and then left straight for therapy everyday I felt like I rarely saw him. I knew this was for the best. It’s not about my feelings and missing him, it’s about getting him the help he needs. Anyway back to the point, at the Christmas performance, my son danced with the class the choreographed dance they had been practicing for weeks and sang the songs! Whoa!!! What a difference 8 months made from when he started preschool. During the previous performances he just sat and looked at the crowd scared stiff. At the Christmas performance I cried. I was so proud! I couldn’t believe he could do it!

Today on my Timehop- click here for video– I had documented where my son was first talking and said about three words to describe what was going on during our playtime “sky, up and down” and he could barely say those words clearly. To any other person, it probably just sounded like noise but to me we are finally playing and talking about what we were doing in that moment and he wanted me engaged with him and the activity (huge progress).

Today I spent the entire day with my son as dad is away on a boys weekend. He talked to me the entire day about everything and anything. Full conversations about the fire alarm system; he’s fascinated with that bell. The other day he explained to me the role of an anchor on a ship perfectly; what it does, where it goes, what happens when it’s in the water and when the boat is ready to go what happens next. I was amazed I just listened and agreed and chatted with him about it. He had discovered something for the first time and wanted to share every detail with me.


I can’t wait for you to read this when you are older. I can’t wait for you to hear what an amazing little person you are to have worked so hard to overcome a diagnosis that can be crippling for some children and families. You have worked so hard for being so little and you have shown me that anything is possible. You are so stubborn and strong willed I know in my heart you will do great things in your life. Not many people can say they have done and overcome so much at such a young age. Luckily for you all of this hard work was disguised as playtime with the amazing staff at Reed. They are the ones who changed your life forever and taught mom and dad how to help you in your journey. We will forever be indebted to them for what they did for this family. Please never stop talking, inquiring, and learning. You are so smart like your dad and your brain seems to retain everything (even the bad habits mommy teaches you). I love you. You make me proud and you always will.


What a difference a year makes. It’s no joke; time flies and so much has happened, so much has changed… We will never be the same.



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