One Place Bangkok: Jim Thompson House

Check out my latest review for One Place Bangkok on Jim Thompson House.

I had previously written a post about this place when we first arrived to Bangkok but due to a Killi tantrum, I wasn’t able to go on the tour with Chris. I am so glad I went back on my own. This is a nice place to be a  tourist in your own town for a morning.

I Totally Get It Now

a post from last year that i thought every expat parent might be able to relate too

From Palmetto Pride to Pad Thai

I have been on nonstop Killi duty since we left for France at the end of May.  No breaks, I mean nothing.  I am writing this not to complain but instead that I have had a revelation about a couple of different things as a parent.

1.  Appreciate your support group.  I never really fully appreciated the support group of friends and family back home that would help with our son whenever we needed a break.  I mean I appreciated that they would help us but I guess I just knew they would always be there for us and now that I am on the other side of the world, I realize how good I had it.  I miss being able to drop the kid for a weekend at grandmas or a night out because Aunt Brett and Uncle Louie want some practice (wink wink) or Aunt JuJu or Lindsey just…

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