Touristy Tours in Bangkok

The great thing about being an expat in a foreign land is that I can still play tourist anytime I want. Sometimes…okay most of the time; I scoff at tourists, who seem incapable of obeying the unspoken rules of the land of smiles in their silly neon color Chang beer tank tops, or (my favorite) the girls walking around the malls in their bikinis. Listen ladies, there is no beach around here so it’s not acceptable to parade your body in a skimpy bikini in places of business but I digress.

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Thai Cooking School Adventure

photos from nikon d3100

It’s always fun for us to have guests come visit, especially when they visit us in our new home in Bangkok. We now have the ability to share some of these unique cultural experiences with our friends and family. This Christmas, my in-laws came to visit us for two weeks and we had everyday planned out for them so they could experience as much of Thailand as they could possibly handle.

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Christmas In Bangkok: Sensory Overload

photos taken with Nikon D3100

Coming from the Bible belt, I have always seen a beautiful display of Christmas decorations with nativity scenes, angels with their trumpets, Christmas trees, stockings, Santa Claus and his eight tiny reindeer, and (most of the time) delightfully tacky Christmas light displays.  When I left the Bible belt for a predominantly Buddhist country right after Christmas, all I could think was “I might not have Christmas like this for the next four years…” and that was a hard pill to swallow.

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Crazy Bathroom Signs of Thailand

Killi’s doc, Ali, came across these winners when he was on his way to Hua Hin (a beach a couple hours away from Bangkok). Thank you Ali for sharing!

Sometimes all I can do is shake my head at these signs and other times I am truly amazed at how ones mind works to come up with them… Oooooo Thailand.



More Crazy Signs of Thailand

This winner is on soi 53 off of Sukhumvit. I love how the sign is so visual. Just incase you aren’t sure what a dog looks like when they have “to go” and what it will look like when they are finished here is a picture to clear that up….


Crazy Signs Around Thailand

A fun sign from Krabi… Never trust a monkey!

If you want to do #2 they suggest you go down the road to villa supermarket and pay 10 baht to use their toilet.

This is totally normal walking down NaNa at night time. Next to the prescription drugs you can purchase your sex toys and dirty movies… To be honest that was a shock to me when I first saw what they were selling but I’m not sure why living so close to soi 33…

Ooooo Thailand

Quiet Moments With Becky

enjoying coconut ice cream in a coconut bowl. love how we have the same face here :)

enjoying coconut ice cream in a coconut bowl. love how we have the same face here 🙂

There are literally thousands of coconuts in Bangkok and as an expat we have the ability to go out on the street corner and get a fresh coconut or enjoy some coconut ice cream on a hot day.

Now can someone please tell me why aren’t there any coconut shrimp, toasted coconut donuts (like at Dunkin Donuts-my favorite kind) and macaroon cookies? 

I mean like Jersey Shore macaroons not the cute little European cookies they call macaroons. It’s when you can’t have something or don’t have access to it is when you can’t stop thinking about it and for me it’s the dark chocolate dipped coconut macaroon cookies from Tripicians. It’s times like these when it is hard to be an expat….

Who Says Cupcakes Have To Be Sweet?

Today I had the absolute privilege and pleasure of taking another trip down Sukhumvit Soi 53 to Sparkles to see Sophie!  Sophie had been challenged by a local magazine to make a savory cupcake using caviar and she took on that challenge like a champ and kicked its butt!  (See my previous post about Sparkles for more information!)

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