Our 1st Homework Assignment: Autism & the Brain


Today Chris and I had our first homework assignment. We had to watch a video by Sally Rogers called “Can we identify and treat autism in infancy?” on UC Davis Mind Institute videos. It is free on iTunesU, for anyone that is interested.

It was a presentation on how the brain looks with children that have autism, explained how early signs can be detected and how their intervention program has greatly helped children with developmental delays and autism improve.

We will be using the Early Start Denver Model, ESDM, for Killian’s therapy. Here is a better explanation of ESDM from the UC Davis website.

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Our Next Big Adventure

killi pic

Our Wild Man

We are moving forward in the next phase of working on Killian’s delays.  Like I mentioned in a previous post, we went to a specialist at the hospital that told us he was delayed and kept saying, with her sweet Thai smile “o no good.”  I have tried to implement every recommendation that she gave us.  She assured me that I would not be able to find a speech therapist that speaks English and I was Killian’s best option. After a month and half, my son has become a little more social with improvements with his eye contact but his speech has not.  It does not matter what I do to change this, he is simply choosing not to talk to us with words we can understand.  He does currently have a special language that he uses.

We have decided that we are not the best teachers for Killian in helping him to speak.  I started to search out different options for help with developmental delays in Bangkok. Yesterday I visited the Reed Institute in Bangkok.  I met with the director and explained everything that has happened with Killi. How he was talking, went mute when we moved to Bangkok, our disgruntled nanny that was clearly affecting him, our new nanny that he loves and the progress he has made in the last two months with his babbling.

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Special Needs

first time he has intentionally looked at the camera and said cheese!

first time he has intentionally looked at the camera and said cheese!

We all have needs, some more than others. I didn’t really want to write about this but then again I think that it is important to share how we are adjusting with anyone else that might be an expat or a parent going through the same thing, it’s always nice to know you aren’t alone.

As a parent it is extremely hard not to compare your child to the kids you see around. When at different playgroups I think “well Timmy can do this but Killi can’t or Jenny can do that but why can’t Killian…?” Everyone says that children develop at their own speed and on their own time and I know that this is true but as a parent it is hard not to worry and think about if your kid is falling behind. You wonder if your child is actually falling behind or are you blowing it out of proportion. Everyone is eager to give their two cents on when their kid started talking or in an attempt to help you not worry about it down play the situation but in all reality that doesn’t help put a parents mind at ease, nothing will at this point.

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