One Place Bangkok: Deli-Q

IMG_3057Check out my latest review for One Place Bangkok (previously BKK Events) of Deli-Q Foodtruck.


Lombok: Traveling Toddler Approved

DSC_0783We were told by our friends that Kuta Beach in Bali was lovely but overrun by tourists, surfers and party people. There is nothing wrong with that but we were looking for a more peaceful easy going option with less noise for our family. We were told to head over to Lombok, the island next to Bali and only about a 40 minute flight away.

I would not recommend flying Air Wings or Lion Air. If you do, be sure to leave at least five hours in between the flight back to Bali from Lombok to get you to the international airport on time to not miss your flight. Both flights to and from Bali were extremely late and in the end caused us to miss our flights home to Bangkok (costing us another $600USD for new tickets). Lesson learned: Leave a lot of time in between these little fights or take the speed boat from island to island, which might take longer but I bet they will be on time…

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Ubud: Traveling Toddler Approved

DSC_0205Ubud is the nature retreat we have been looking for. Coming from Bangkok, we needed to get away from the city noise and the pollution. We heard it was beautiful there and everyone that has been has said how much they loved it and now I see why. We stayed outside the city center, really it felt like in the middle of nowhere, it was perfect and very inexpensive at the Pajar House. If you are looking for a nice, clean, away from noise, and inexpensive hotel I highly recommend this place. The hotel will even help you to book excursions through their own service or you can book ahead of time with other companies in the area like we did.

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Domestic diva in training: Marion’s Kitchen


I am far from a domestic diva. I don’t necessarily burn everything I cook. I’m not a total disaster in the kitchen really. I can read a recipe and follow directions. I know how to use Pinterest. I actually use that to find different recipes if they look pretty easy and is not one which requires five different appliances. Forget the crafty part of Pinterest… I like to browse but let’s be real; I can’t even color in the lines with my toddler so there is no way I am going to make a pretty craft or a DIY father’s day gift. Honestly, I would say I am not a creative wife or mother when it comes to “domestic” things and I am okay with that because I know there are other areas I do pretty well in. I am most definitely a “domestic diva” in training.

I had the opportunity to try something new that is supposed to make cooking very simple and delicious. I am happy to share that information with you because it was probably the easiest dinner experience I have had besides picking up the phone to order pizza.

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Bali Bird Park: Traveling Toddler Approved


There are so many fun things to do in Ubud. Just to be out in nature, away from the city to where you only hear bugs, geckos, and the rain falling down was a much needed break for all of us.

We had been dragging the toddler around for days on different outdoor adventures and he was faring pretty well but we wanted to do something special just for him. Our hotel recommended we take a drive to the Bali Bird Park.  For around $80USD, we were given three tickets that gave us access to the bird park as well as the reptile park.

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My Blessing 


I didn’t realize the journey to growing a family would be difficult. I never really put much thought into it. You see people having kids all the time and in the worst cases kids having kids! From what I saw, I thought if you wanted a baby it happens. Culturally, as a young couple it seems you’re trying to avoid a pregnancy in the beginning because “there are things you have to do, places to see, careers to build” and so on.

It took a while, a lot of tears, and a tests of faith but it finally happened. We are pregnant again. This child is such a huge part of our lives already we wanted to pick a name that would forever mean something to all of us.

Hanoi: Traveling Toddler Tolerated

The city

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is a bustling metropolis but not one that you would expect. I was picturing a big city like Bangkok but that was not the case. It was definitely a big city with a thick layer of pollution hovering in the air but it wasn’t full of skyscrapers. Instead there were a few that dotted the skyline but most of the buildings we saw ranged from 4-10 stories tall.

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