Operation Undercover Veggie- Codeword Cake


Was a total success!!

I used this recipe.

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Secret Agent 00-potato

In trying to keep with the lifestyle change of eating more healthy, I realized my son needs to make some changes as well. There was a time when my boy would eat anything. When we moved to Thailand, he was a hot-dog and chicken nugget kid and I chalked it up to the trauma of the move and he needed to feel like he had some control. It took a long time but he is off the hot-dog and chicken nugget diet. He will eat fruit, grilled chicken and pork, and a few veggies such as corn and peas. Lately I see he is becoming bored with his meals but at the same time as I introduce new things he has a total meltdown. I have read the articles which suggest to not become a short order cook or “they won’t starve if they miss a meal” but this type of thinking stresses me out. What if he isn’t getting what he needs to grow? I see he is obviously not starving to death but you could say the same for someone who is obese; the question is are they healthy?

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