“No! I wanna talk!”


If you had asked me a year ago, I would have told you all I want in this world is for my son to talk. I prayed for a miracle. I prayed for the right people to help Killi. I prayed for just the slightest sign that my son would acknowledge me; maybe just a smile or a glance and maybe, just maybe we could maintain eye contact…

I shared with you recently that my son has progressed so quickly, like none of us would have imagined, in his therapy. He is a sponge soaking up every little thing and every word we say.

He has also decided he is his own man now. He makes the rules. He is the creator of his own destiny!

Who knew you could think that way at 3 years old but apparently you can. This new sense of self-awareness has manifested itself in two ways, which are extremely frustrating for me but at the same time I want to say “great job for being your own person!”  (Funny how it can be so conflicting…)

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This is really the only word to describe my son’s progress. Well maybe another would be divine intervention plus a little early intervention therapy…. Ok that is more than just one word but you get the point.

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A Little Boy Making Big Progress

King of the road!

King of the road!

As you know Killi has completed his first term of therapy, we are now in the second term and hopefully when he has finished this round he will be ready for school in September. Since Killi has improved greatly on his social skills we are focusing more on the speech. It’s pretty exciting as a parent when your kid, who was almost completely nonverbal, is now blabbering on all the time. I just wanted to share with you some of the new words that he is saying.

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Killi Therapy Week 12: Finished… For Now…

Our first successful, stress free, peaceful family outing!

Our first successful, stress free, peaceful family outing!

Our twelve weeks of ESDM Therapy has come to a close. It’s amazing how far my son has come and how much he has changed in such a short time. This has been a very trying time in our lives as a family and as some of you can relate, having a “special” kid is exhausting and overwhelming but those times when you get a big hug or you truly see a difference in your child’s development, you seem to forget all of the hard times.

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Killi Therapy Week 8: If Toddler Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy!


My family moved to South Carolina when I was four years old. As long as I can remember and could read, we had a sign hanging over the door that I would read to myself everyday that says “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” The sign is still there and it makes me smile every time I leave the house. As I think about it now, I have to laugh because how it should read is “If toddler ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!”

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Killi Therapy Week 6: Say Wha?


“Say wha!?!?” That’s what I feel like most days trying to decipher what my son is trying to say but this week we have seen a noticeable difference in my sons communication skills. I would say around the first week of therapy Killi would sometimes say “dadadadada” that was about it and it was few and far between. At this beginning stage in the ESDM therapy, we have been working on going to Killi’s “spot light” and narrating everything that is going on with a few very simple terms and it is finally paying off.

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Killi Therapy Week 4: Divine Intervention


I will praise you as long as I live, and in your name I will lift up my hands.
Psalms 63:4

I am a Christian. I am a Christian that believes that if we give ourselves over to Gods plan we will prosper, there will always be hard times but those hard times mold us into better people and followers of Christ.

I believe 110% that God has a plan for my family here in Bangkok. I was 110% sure it was to help other people and work at the orphanage. I am so grateful for all of our friends and family that purchased scarves to help raise funds for the orphanage when we first arrived. This was something I prayed over and God blessed that project with a donation of over $3,600 USD. I now see that this is and will probably be the only work I do with the orphanage while in Bangkok and you know it might be all they needed of me.

I now see my reason for following my husband to Bangkok and following Gods call here was to be the mother that I could have never have been in the US. I know there are moms that can do this but I personally could not have balanced work, home life and the needs of my special child. This is why I am here in Thailand, a world away from everything and everyone I know, to get my son the best help money can buy from the best professionals here in Bangkok! Listen to this amazing display of divine intervention that took place this weekend.

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