Secret Agent 00-potato

In trying to keep with the lifestyle change of eating more healthy, I realized my son needs to make some changes as well. There was a time when my boy would eat anything. When we moved to Thailand, he was a hot-dog and chicken nugget kid and I chalked it up to the trauma of the move and he needed to feel like he had some control. It took a long time but he is off the hot-dog and chicken nugget diet. He will eat fruit, grilled chicken and pork, and a few veggies such as corn and peas. Lately I see he is becoming bored with his meals but at the same time as I introduce new things he has a total meltdown. I have read the articles which suggest to not become a short order cook or “they won’t starve if they miss a meal” but this type of thinking stresses me out. What if he isn’t getting what he needs to grow? I see he is obviously not starving to death but you could say the same for someone who is obese; the question is are they healthy?

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Parenting is just one big game of dodge ball


I knew having a special kid would change my life and my perception of what “parenting” was all about. I know we all have our moments with our children; good and bad. Although, sometimes I feel as if I am a women stranded on a deserted island making smoke signals and screaming for help. Similar to Tom Hanks in Castaway but instead of having Wilson (who mind you doesn’t speak) I have a toddler screaming at me in frustration because he is trying so hard to communicate but simply can’t get the words out.

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Crazy Bathroom Signs of Thailand

Killi’s doc, Ali, came across these winners when he was on his way to Hua Hin (a beach a couple hours away from Bangkok). Thank you Ali for sharing!

Sometimes all I can do is shake my head at these signs and other times I am truly amazed at how ones mind works to come up with them… Oooooo Thailand.



More Crazy Signs of Thailand

This winner is on soi 53 off of Sukhumvit. I love how the sign is so visual. Just incase you aren’t sure what a dog looks like when they have “to go” and what it will look like when they are finished here is a picture to clear that up….


Crazy Signs Around Thailand

A fun sign from Krabi… Never trust a monkey!

If you want to do #2 they suggest you go down the road to villa supermarket and pay 10 baht to use their toilet.

This is totally normal walking down NaNa at night time. Next to the prescription drugs you can purchase your sex toys and dirty movies… To be honest that was a shock to me when I first saw what they were selling but I’m not sure why living so close to soi 33…

Ooooo Thailand

Quiet Moments With Becky

enjoying coconut ice cream in a coconut bowl. love how we have the same face here :)

enjoying coconut ice cream in a coconut bowl. love how we have the same face here 🙂

There are literally thousands of coconuts in Bangkok and as an expat we have the ability to go out on the street corner and get a fresh coconut or enjoy some coconut ice cream on a hot day.

Now can someone please tell me why aren’t there any coconut shrimp, toasted coconut donuts (like at Dunkin Donuts-my favorite kind) and macaroon cookies? 

I mean like Jersey Shore macaroons not the cute little European cookies they call macaroons. It’s when you can’t have something or don’t have access to it is when you can’t stop thinking about it and for me it’s the dark chocolate dipped coconut macaroon cookies from Tripicians. It’s times like these when it is hard to be an expat….

Quiet Moments With Becky


It’s the rainy season now in Thailand and there is one thing I have always wondered…

When walking down the road with an umbrella who has the right of way?

Is the taller person supposed to go up and the small person supposed to hunch down? But if everyone is the same height who goes where!?

Quiet Moments with Becky & Chris

having a quiet moment

having a quiet moment

I am starting a new series on the blog called “Quiet Moments with Becky & Chris”

Being an expat you can’t help but have some questions about life in whatever country you are residing in.  Somehow Chris and I come up with the most random questions, some are silly but some are legitimate questions that we would like to know the answers to!  So if you read these and it makes you smile- mission accomplished!  If you read these and it makes you think-that’s a double whammy!  If you read our quiet moments and actually know the answers please enlighten us!

If you are an expat or a traveler with a quiet moment of your own please share!  I would love to post it and give you the bragging rights and in return you might make someone smile, think or finally get the answer you were looking for!

Here we go!  This is a Becky Quiet Moment:

“If you have a pop singing group full of ladyboys are they a boy band or a girl group?”