Quiet Moments With Becky


It’s the rainy season now in Thailand and there is one thing I have always wondered…

When walking down the road with an umbrella who has the right of way?

Is the taller person supposed to go up and the small person supposed to hunch down? But if everyone is the same height who goes where!?



  1. Becky you are the only person I know that can make a rainy day be Absolutely Beautiful!!! Well Kara and I got back home VERY SWEET HOME about a week ago. and I have missed your blog badly. So now it’s catch up time on reading them all. Have a Great WEEK

  2. wow thats a really good picture becky. it looks like this could be in a magazine or something,very cool. 🙂 miss you tons!

  3. In response to your musing about umbrella etiquette –
    Where practical, taller goes over shorter unless overhead power lines come into play. In that case, it’s pretty much don’t do anything stupid. Shorter should try to go under taller unless this would force “shorter” into an awkward or apparently compromising position. In that case, get your camera ready for some really interesting shots. In cases of equal heights, it becomes an exercise in size and shape of respective umbrellas. If you are alert, the partial “collapse” of your umbrella, thereby shrinking its width can allow you to pass with only a minor amount of collateral water damage. If all else fails, tip your umbrella slightly forward so as to make it appear that you cannot see the oncoming umbrella. This position serves as a sort of an attacking shield. The intimidation factor is present and even if you do make contact, this position allow you to “slide by” with only a glancing blow.
    Hope this has been helpful and informative.

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