SEEKing the next big adventure before the big 3-0!


I didn’t picture Bangkok for my life or that of my little family. I was hesitant about Bangkok at first but couldn’t imagine my life without it at this point.

Bangkok allows for many new adventures, experiences and opportunities. There will always be new cultural and travel adventures and making new expat friends from around the world but the biggest adventure has been the chance to try something new with my career path (and not worry about losing the house).

As you know writing has been a big part of my life since moving here but I wanted to share with you my next big adventure that is only possible through my acceptance of God’s plan for my life and moving me to Bangkok.

SEEK Magazine is my new venture. My son’s doctor, Ali, and I have created a new online resource center for professionals and parents alike to find information on human development. As a parent, I was so sick of googling something like “why does my son throw tantrums”, “when will his first tooth come in” or “why isn’t he walking yet.” These are all good questions and I am sure I typed in thousands more into google but to be honest after a while I found it pointless. I would always come across some “forum” with 100 different moms giving at least 200 different answers and a lot of “mommy judgment” and I was sick of it. A friend had put into my head to start an online magazine about development (thanks Denika) but I knew I needed a professional to be an authority on the topic or it would just be another mom telling another mom what to do with their kid.

I asked Ali if he would be interested in something like this and my reasons why as a parent I would love to hear from a professional in layman’s terms as to why my kid was doing X, Y, or Z. He liked the idea and agreed that a lot of times his peers are looking for a venue to give information to parents in an easy to understand way and with that SEEK was formed.

It has taken some time to get the website up and running and we are still adding content. We wanted to create a central location where parents, grandparents, teachers, specialists, and doctors could come and discuss different aspects of human development in a way that could be applied to everyday life. SEEK not only has the medical/brain side of things but we wanted to have a parent’s corner where parents from around the world could share their real life stories, ideas, tips and anything about promoting a healthy life style.

We have the intention of providing quality information but the real goal is to raise money to create a scholarship fund. We are going through the process of incorporating ourselves into a non-profit in the state of South Carolina and once approved we will go through the federal and state system to attain our 501c3 status. As we continue to add more content and finalize the website’s base content, we hope to find sponsors. By attaining sponsors from around the world, we will eventually be able to award scholarships to children throughout the world in need of early intervention therapy. We understand we could never cover the cost of an entire therapy program for one child but our hope is to ease the financial burden on the families looking for help who might have lost all hope.

I hope you will take a moment to visit my new site

Please look for us on our social media sites as well for up to date articles that I encourage you to share with your friends. You can find all of our social media links on our main homepage on

Let me know what you think and if you would like to contribute in some way!


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