Soggy Beginnings


To say that it has been a long, hard, exhausting week is an understatement. The third and final day of moving was easier. Grandma and Poppy Moon came to take Killian for the day so Chris and I could finish cleaning the house. It was a nice morning as we said goodbye to our home and said hello to our future.

For the past few days we have been dealing with structural issues with the house. We had an inspection where an engineer came out and said “yup there is a problem and it needs to be fixed.” We and the relocation company have been calling him for 2 months and have not been able to get a hold of him. So we hire a contractor come fix these “issues”. We get a re-inspection and the report comes back good but there are two things that must be fixed. The engineer doesn’t believe that a steel jack post on concrete pads is permanent enough. WHAT?! So for the past two days we have been trying to call our engineer to figure out how to fix this issue but alas we have not been able to get a hold of him. So this “hiccup” has now stopped the process of selling our home. To say Chris and I are upset is an understatement. Being the smart people we and his mom and Todd are they suggest we call Greenville County and have an inspector come say that it is up to code, which it is but it turns out that this engineer just doesn’t like this method.

We talk to the Greenville County inspector and he says that he passes those all the time. Praise The Lord we have a plan B that might actually work! We go to the County complex get a permit. As we do our other errands yesterday as we prepare to leave Greenville and the country we get a phone call from relo that says “even if it is up to code that is not the same thing as saying that it is structurally sound.” WHAT?!

I literally can’t take anymore. The rain is coming down so hard you can hardly see the road. I feel devoid of any emotion. I have no emotion when I leave my home, no emotion as everything seems to be going wrong with my home selling situation, no emotions just blah. It is a strange feeling but I really believe it is because I am just tired.

Just when I feel like I am on the edge of crying we arrive at our hotel, the Hampton Inn over looking the Reedy. We walk into the lobby and it is full of beautiful Christmas trees, something I have been missing this season because of the move. One of our best friends in the world works here and let’s just say she knows how to take care of her friends. We arrive to our room and are in aw of our view, a bottle of champagne, and a goodie bag full of snacks!



Chris pops the bubbly and pours us a drink. I ask “what are we going to cheers to?” Chris replies “to soggy beginnings”. I couldn’t have said it better myself.


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