What’s going on with Chris?


Chris is working on the 15th floor of the Michelin building, which is a 25 minute commute by cattle car (BTS). When he takes the BTS in the morning it is packed and he has to force himself into the car but he says once he is on his way everyone plays on their iPhones. After a few stops the crowd dwindles on the train and he continues his journey to work. Once at work he is greeted by the maid with a hot black coffee and a water, this continues throughout the day, one after lunch and one in the afternoon at some point. He works with a group of very friendly Thais, they are welcoming, show him around, and include him in their going out to lunch everyday. Chris gets to go out to eat everyday at lunch because it only costs about $1 US, this is cheaper than the cost of PB&J!

They have already taken him to the plant that is about an hour away, where he will work for about a month on a project. We are hoping there are many travel opportunities with this new role and we know for sure we are going to China twice this year!

During his first week he has been arriving home around 6pm and then he is on the hunt for food! He tries the different food carts around our soi (street) and we have had only one successful experience out of several but that is all apart of the adventure!

Food from the street:




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