Traveling With A Toddler 2.0


I think we are figuring out this traveling with a toddler stuff and I wanted to share some tips that might help!

1. Take the red eye. Yes it might be harder for you and you will be tired but I swear this is the one flight my son actually slept. He slept for 9 straight hours so that means we were able to sleep also.
2. If you are taking the red eye just leave your kid in his pjs (make sure they are warm). I think this helped Killian to sleep the entire time because he was comfortable and he had his blanket and giraffe.
3. While in the airport waiting for your red eye flight get your kid something to eat. I know airport food isn’t the greatest but I know having a full tummy helps them to sleep better.
4. If given the option, don’t fly Delta (with a kid). For us flying Delta with a kid has not been a good experience. The staff was rude to us when we would ask for our son to simply have the meal that his full price ticket was entitled to and you would not believe the attitude I would get when I had to ask for milk. We just took Thai Airways on our nonstop flight to Paris and they were amazing. The plane was clean, the staff was so kind and helpful and luckily for us the plane was practically empty so we were able to get a bulkhead seat. Travel Tip: Thai Airways normally leaves the bulkhead open so they can seat families with small kids! How awesome is that!?
5. From my previous post I suggested taking only the essential toys and it worked out a lot better for us this way! To be honest I probably only needed a paci and the iPod movie with Curious George and that would have been good enough for him!

During the flight to Paris, we had a french couple sit behind us and once we landed they made sure to tell us how they were dreading the fact that they had to sit next to our child but then they were amazed at how well he did and told us what great parents we are! The greatness of the parent has nothing to do with our toddler on a fight but it was still awesome when leaving the plane and everyone is telling you how perfect your kid is! Chris and I just figure that a twelve hour flight is his limit! This trip to Paris is our first family vacation just the three of us and with a perfect toddler on this flight it seriously made this vacation start off right!



  1. If I had my drutthers I would NEVER travel Delta. They are the ones who are ‘Komen’ oriented, flaunting all the ‘Pink stuff’ during ‘Respect Life month.’ At least that’s what they do here! ‘Planned Parenthood associates who support embryonic stem cell research! Several months ago there was a letter from our Bishop asking everyone not to support Komen, so anyone associated with them is a ‘no no’ for me.

  2. Sounds like you are off to a great start. Hope you have a wonderful vacation in France and surrounding countries. Be good…be have… And have fun.

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