Vietnam: Traveling Toddler Approved


It’s that time of year again for the Horace family. It’s travel time! We have a large number of Thai holidays at the beginning of the year that Chris must take off work (they can’t be used as a floater holiday) so April and May are always a busy time for us. This year in planning our travels we are trying to stretch the budget as far as it can go and see as much as possible  before we move back to the states at the end of the year. Our first international stop of the year is Vietnam.

Vietnam has a lot to offer the explorer from beautiful beaches, busy cities, to mountain ranges that have been used as farming for centuries. I was a little ambitious with the trip planning at first and had it all worked out to see the entire country with multiple sleeper train adventures! Then we realized we are traveling with a toddler and as you all know toddlers need their rest and down time. So that trip quickly changed to three major areas over 9 days that I will cover in the next three posts.

  • Halong Bay Cruise: With water as blue as the sky surrounded by limestone islands, we enjoyed a relaxing ride with Indochina Junk full of delicious food and well thought out excursions.
  • Sapa: Our adventure continued with two days of trekking (not for the faint of heart) along the mountains and rice terraces, which is home to Fansipan Mountain the highest mountain in Indochina. We were able to catch a glimpse of ancient times where we discovered villages and their inhabitants that have made Sapa their home for hundreds of years.
  • Hanoi: We wrapped up our trip with a tour of the capital of Vietnam to discover UNESCO World Heritage sites, temples, cafes and much more.

You can view our photography posts of Halong Bay, Sapa, and Hanoi by clicking on the links. We really enjoyed our time in Vietnam and with everything being so affordable it makes the time there that much sweeter. Enjoy the posts and if you have any questions about our trip just send a comment, we are happy to answer.


Hong Kong: Traveling Toddler Approved

We are just back from 5 days in Hong Kong. We had an amazing trip, due to the fact the city is very kid and stroller friendly.

We have traveled around to many different places and to find a city, which is fun for both parents and the toddler is not easy. We all love the outdoors and adventuring to places where the wild man can run free and Hong Kong fit the bill with their many parks, playgrounds and museums!

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Adventures In Krabi: Tiger Cave Temple & Elephant Trekking

We celebrated my sons 2nd birthday while in Krabi and for a special surprise we decided to take him on a trip elephant trekking through the jungle.  Sounds like a great idea doesn’t it!?

Travel Tip:  When booking your excursions in Krabi they may say that these events are half day but in all reality, they are not.  They are about forty-five minutes to an hour long with an hour or two of travel time.  This would have been fine had it been in the description.  Instead, they lead you to believe it is a legitimate half-day event…

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Krabi: A Little Slice of Paradise

We have just made it back from a weeklong vacation in Krabi! Most of you have seen the pictures from the Nikon and to be honest they do not do the beauty of this location justice. The Phi Phi Islands are by far the most beautiful place I have ever seen on this earth (and I thought Belize was beautiful). Phra Nang Beach is home to a five star hotel and has been ranked one of the top ten beaches in the world and it is easy to see why. Ao Nang is a little too touristy with expensive (compared to what I pay in Bangkok but still not as expensive as western prices) tuk tuk rides, massages and dinners. You are always being “hollered” at by the local vendors trying to sell you a suit, a massage, dinner or souvenirs. Although it is touristy, it gives you something to do and see at night. If you stay in Railay Bay you are a little more secluded with not many options on how you will spend your evening but in Ao Nang there are dozens of different restaurant choices, art galleries where you can have a painting commissioned (at an amazing price) and you might even run into a local with a monkey that is trying to take your picture for a touristy price but to be honest it’s all part of the fun! My biggest complaint about this area is the garbage on the beaches. You would not believe the crap that is washing up and no one is there cleaning it up. I think it really detracts from the beauty. Phra Nang beach is spotless but I am told they have people working all day, everyday picking up trash to keep it that way.

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Next Stop: Krabi


photo credit

The Horace family is off on their next big adventure to Krabi.

For the next week, we will be enjoying crystal clear water and white sandy beaches, don’t worry I will be thinking of you while I sip my adult beverage listening to the ocean waves lap onto the shore. I will be taking the Nikon with me so I can practice (before my photography class in September with Loren), so enjoy the pictures and posts to come in the next week of travel tips, reviews and possible adventures you could enjoy with your family if you ever make it to Krabi!

Where’s the Exit? Traveling With A Toddler

IMG_0632.JPG (2)

a jet setting but very tired toddler

“Please note where your “Exits” are located.  All “Exits” are clearly marked and are located at the front and rear of the plane.”

I have read so many articles and blog posts on how to travel with your toddler and they are great in theory but I really wish one person had given it to me straight.  Chris and I have decided that traveling to the US from Asia will be awful with our toddler and if it isn’t then we are really pleasantly surprised. I am normally a glass half-full kind of person but this is one scenario I go into with a pessimistic attitude.

So for the moms out there that really want to know what is like to travel around the world with a toddler (My experience thus far has been 17-22 month old.  I’m sure the older they get the easier it is.) the following “tips” are the honest truth without any sugar coating.

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