Krabi: A Little Slice of Paradise

We have just made it back from a weeklong vacation in Krabi! Most of you have seen the pictures from the Nikon and to be honest they do not do the beauty of this location justice. The Phi Phi Islands are by far the most beautiful place I have ever seen on this earth (and I thought Belize was beautiful). Phra Nang Beach is home to a five star hotel and has been ranked one of the top ten beaches in the world and it is easy to see why. Ao Nang is a little too touristy with expensive (compared to what I pay in Bangkok but still not as expensive as western prices) tuk tuk rides, massages and dinners. You are always being “hollered” at by the local vendors trying to sell you a suit, a massage, dinner or souvenirs. Although it is touristy, it gives you something to do and see at night. If you stay in Railay Bay you are a little more secluded with not many options on how you will spend your evening but in Ao Nang there are dozens of different restaurant choices, art galleries where you can have a painting commissioned (at an amazing price) and you might even run into a local with a monkey that is trying to take your picture for a touristy price but to be honest it’s all part of the fun! My biggest complaint about this area is the garbage on the beaches. You would not believe the crap that is washing up and no one is there cleaning it up. I think it really detracts from the beauty. Phra Nang beach is spotless but I am told they have people working all day, everyday picking up trash to keep it that way.

To get around to the different beaches you will take a long tail boat that will cost you 100 baht per person each way and you have to wait to have a minimum of 8 people or you can buy out the boat if you aren’t willing to wait for 800 baht. In calm seas, the long tail boat ride to Railay Bay is beautiful and peaceful but in bad weather, which we had on our first trip, it can be a little scary. On our first trip coming back from Railay Bay a storm was rolling in and the seas were choppy. All I can do is pray that we make it back in one piece especially since my toddler who can’t swim is on board. During our ride back our Capitan took one wave head on and at full speed. The wave came crashing in the boat and the bump sends me screaming and flying backward into the lap of a very nice but surprised Japanese man. At this point, everyone is soaking wet and freaked out but not my brave son, he has decided he will take a nap. I swear on a stack of Bibles the kid slept through it, the water rushing in on him and everything, we were almost worried something had happened to him but nope just passed out! What an adventure!

We spent a few days relaxing around Ao Nang, Phra Nang beach/cave and Railay Bay and then toward the end of the week we started our adventures of kayaking in and out of caves, elephant/jungle trekking, Tiger Cave Temple, scuba diving, island hopping and snorkeling.

Travel Tip: I highly recommend visiting Ao Nang and the surrounding areas, especially during the low season. Yes, it is the “rainy season” but that just means it might rain for a couple of hours and then you are back to sunny weather. During our week it was rainy for two days and then perfect weather the rest of the trip! Even in the low season on a beautiful day, there were many people but our guides told us in the high season the area is so packed you can’t even see the beach, only heads! I would not want to pay peak season prices and not even be able to enjoy it because of all the people!

More posts to come this week on our adventures while in Krabi! Enjoy!



  1. becky, i sure have enjoyed the pictures and hearing from you. would also like to have one of those margaritas! bring one home

  2. Love the Pictures!!! Kara and I are at St. Augustine now, but the places you guys have gone is far better hands down!!

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