Who Says Cupcakes Have To Be Sweet?

Today I had the absolute privilege and pleasure of taking another trip down Sukhumvit Soi 53 to Sparkles to see Sophie!  Sophie had been challenged by a local magazine to make a savory cupcake using caviar and she took on that challenge like a champ and kicked its butt!  (See my previous post about Sparkles for more information!)

I will be honest, at first when she invited me over for a cupcake with caviar I had no idea what to expect.  I have only ever had super sweet cupcakes back in the States so I wasn’t sure about a savory cupcake.  Sophie invited me to try her newest creation smoked salmon and caviar on a rosemary corn muffin.  As you can see in the pictures below, the presentation was very well executed and was almost to pretty to eat…. almost.  On top of this tasty rosemary corn muffin sits lemon flavored cream cheese icing, a slice of fresh smoked salmon, topped with crème fraiche, salmon caviar and a sprinkle of chives.  With my first bite I made sure to get a little bit of each element of this magnificent cupcake.  One word: delectable!  The flavors here are spot on; the salmon and caviar isn’t the expected fishy flavor, the smokiness of the salmon works perfectly with the richness of the crème fraiche and the lemon cream cheese icing.  The corn muffin just reminds me of home, this southern girl misses corn bread and Sophie did a superb job of bringing that little slice of home to my tummy today.  Sophie truly has a gift with her ability to think of different flavors and how they work together and to be given such a crazy challenge such as caviar and come up with this savory and delicious creation is unreal to me.  These savory cupcakes are available for order, what a perfect treat for your afternoon tea with your girlfriends or have them catered to your next work or fundraising event. 

After my savory treat, I was surprised with Sophie’s very special dark chocolate pudding topped with fresh homemade whip cream.  It was silky, smooth and chocolaty.  The whip cream on top was as lite as a feather.  I had to refrain from licking the bowl, since I figured that isn’t very lady like.

Because Sophie has this amazing talent with flavors and how to work with them in the form of cupcakes and cookies, you can literally walk into Sparkles and explain your idea and she will come up with a delicious masterpiece that will bring tears to your eyes.  I appreciate her talent so much, when I took the first bite of the savory cupcake today my jaw dropped and I let out some kind of noise that I think surprised her a little but it was a sound of surprise and delight, it was just so good.



  1. Becky I started a diet and just looking at that picture I gained at least 10 lbs. It looks so Yummy! It’s nice to be back and enjoying your blogs. Tell Chris and Killian we send our LOVE!! And LOVE to you TOO!! Can’t wait for the next blog!

  2. Thinking of you, your mother and I had an awesome cornbread/yellow cake mix cupcake. Actually, several in fact, and they were large muffin size cupcakes with a large slab of butter melting on top. Got more for breakfast too!

    Have fun with your culinary adventures and if you do lick the bowl someday, be sure to extend your pinkies like I taught you. <3U

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